Lavender Bliss

GT Bottle LavenderBliss May2020
GT Bottle LavenderBliss May2020

Lavender Bliss


Reduces stress
Calms the body
Soothes digestion

This elegant elixir drenches the senses with the sweet floral breezes, bright dazzling colors, and easy going vibes of Southern France. Five kinds of flowers including Linden, Lavender, and Saffron, attentively gathered at the peak of perfection will gently escort you into a new and improved dimension of chill. Love yourself, drink and Bliss.

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the sweet fragrances contained in floral herbs nourish the spirit and relax the mind, promoting calm, ease and presence of mind. Our health and well-being is largely dependent on having a relaxed disposition and mental state. When we experience excess tension and stress it drains energy and ultimately weakens the body. Ideally there is an underlying calmness we can access. Calming is a path toward strength, as it relieves the tension that stagnates and congests the flow of energy. Relaxation produces the chemistry that restores us and offers us greater vitality. Lavender Bliss tonic contains an assortment of flowers long-trusted for their gentle harmonizing effects and delicious flavors. The main flowers in Lavender Bliss are native to Southern France, and infuse this tonic with the climate and mindset indigenous to the region. Drink your Lavender Bliss.


herbs linden flower

Linden Leaf & Flower

Saffron DropShadow


herbs lavender

Lavender Blossoms



Elderflower DropShadow


herb  0006 lemonverbena

Lemon Verbena

Sage Transparent DropShadow

Sage Leaf

ButterflyPeaFlower DropShadow

Butterfly Pea Flower


Reduces stress

Calms the body

Soothes digestion

Lavender Bliss is an excellent way to punctuate moments of restoration throughout the day, but is particularly well-suited for end-of-day relaxation. Mental and emotional tension accumulates in the body which prevents proper energy flow. Well-timed calming breaks throughout the day are incredibly beneficial to your holistic system. One of the foremost yoga teachers in the world, B.K.S. Iyengar, said, “Breath is the king of the mind.” The miraculous power that flowers possess in their sweet fragrances can be combined with breathing techniques to penetrate deeper into the nervous system. Propelled by breath, the molecules of a flower’s aromatic relaxation properties are absorbed directly into our energy channels, thus permeating the body and mind with nature’s tranquil pharmacopeia.

Ingredients Sourced

From Sustainable Farms

Since the beginning, we’ve traveled the world to source herbs from the regions where they are most potent and have cultivated direct-trade relationships with local farmers. We’ve found that this has a positive impact on small to midsize farmers who otherwise might not be able to sustain themselves economically the way they have for decades. At Goldthread, we’re proud to operate in a way that makes the most sustained & positive impact on the growers and producers of these plants.


GT Bottle LavenderBliss May2020
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Roberta J.
Loved this drink

I feel relaxed without being tired. I feel a sense of well-being and calmness when I drink Lavender Bliss.

Timothy B.
Good sleep

Love it slept great good dreams

A Goldthread Customer
Janet B.
Blissed out.

I’m in love with these drinks. This flavor Lavender Bliss is my fave. Not too sweet and just the right amount of Lavender.

Felicia B.

terrific !!! Love the flavor :)

Jasmin S.
Bottled bliss

Very delicious and refreshing. A must try! I've order two cases and ready for my third.

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