Immunity Pack

PowerPacks ForWeb Immunity
PowerPacks ForWeb Immunity

Immunity Pack

3x Hawaiian Ginger / 3x Elderberry Defense

Immunity is our prize for a healthy lifestyle. When we take care of our nutrition, movement, rest, hydration and emotional wellbeing, Immunity naturally results. It’s always important to take care of our health if we want to be fortified against challenges to our immune system, but fortunately, the plant world offers us some allies when the need arises. Whether or not we’re feeling fortified, illness can get the better of any of us humans. When we know we might be in the crosshairs because of the season or circumstance, or when we’re already feeling under the weather, it’s more essential than ever to bring in the plants. Ginger is one of the most time-honored and revered plants for strengthening the immune response, which it does through a variety of different actions in the body. It’s bright, fiery nature stimulates our life force and circulation to improve all the key functions related to immunity from detoxification to fighting invaders. Ginger plus Elderberry Defense is a one-two punch, like having a prizefighter coming to your rescue! Elderberry is also a long-standing go-to defense herb. This deep purple tonic washes the system in anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that give us the edge when we’re in the fight.

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$ 27.50 / 6pack


Elderberry Defense

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wei Qi is the energy that safeguards health. In the East, tonic herbs are often consumed to fortify and enhance Wei Qi. Elderberry, Astragalus and other herbs and spices come roaring deliciously to the defense like a shimmering purple dragon.

Hawaiian Ginger

This bold elixir is inspired by one of the most versatile health enhancing herbs in the universe, ginger, but not just any ginger. This grows in the rich, sun drenched volcanic soil of Hawaii! Combined with juicy tangerine, silky jasmine, luscious vanilla, and an assortment of zesty spices, Hawaiian Ginger is like surfing a sweet wave of liquid life force on a sunny day.


PowerPacks ForWeb Immunity
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Kristina g.
So good

All these drinks taste amazing and really boost your energy and helps your digestive system function smoothly. Customer service is top notch as well. Very impressed.

Angelique P.
Immunity Pack

So far, So good!

Immunity pack

I loved the Immunity pack it taste so clean and fresh. My order was received in 48 hours. Needless to say in the near future I plan to order some more herbal tonics from you all. Thank you so much!:)

Awa C.
I brought all the flavors

I loveeeeeee so much

United States United States
Obsessed with Immunity Pack

Elderberry has always been a favorite flavor and now this immunity pack with Hawaiian GInger packs a powerful punch of Immunity and prevention- and tastes yummmmmmmmmmm!

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