Honey Rose

Honey Rose


Supports immune system
Rich source of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals
Improves digestion

Native to coastal South Africa, this powerfully restorative tonic is as rich as the ochre soil of its homeland. Honeybush, blended with a delicious combination of bold spices and delicate flowers creates a smooth and satisfying infusion.

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The heart of Honey Rose is Honey Bush, a flowering shrub used for millennia by the Khoisan people of South Africa. This sweet-tasting plant, brewed as a strengthening “bush tea,” is integral to their culture, much like green tea is to the Japanese. It’s the core of their grassroots approach to healthcare due to its wide ranging and cumulative benefits. Pleasant to drink and containing a unique combination of valuable plant constituents, honey bush over time reinforces the body’s vigor and vitality. The companion herbs in this formula accentuate its flavour and enhance its tonifying effects. Goji berry, said by Traditional Chinese Medicine to “brighten the eyes,” and Tulsi, Ayurveda’s “incomparable one,” are both revered by their respective cultures as daily rejuvenators for body and mind.


herbs honey bush

Honey Bush Twigs

herb  0008 orangepeel

Orange Peel

herbs goji berry

Goji Berry

herb  0004 ginger

Ginger Root

herb  0000 cardamom

Cardamom Pods

rose petals

Rose Petals

tulsi herb icon

Tulsi Leaf & Flower

herb  0009 vanilla

Madagascar Vanilla

herb  0001 cinnamon

Cinnamon Chips


Supports immune system

Rich source of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals

Improves digestion

Honey Bush is a mild detoxifier and immune booster, traditionally used to soothe and relax. Drink it as part of a daily practice because it contains tonifying plant compounds and nutrients. It is a broad-spectrum panacea that builds health in a consistent and pervasive manner. Enjoy this Elixir as an agreeable substitute for your morning dose of caffeine, throughout the day as sweet refreshment and in the evening as a gentle nightcap. Make Honey Rose a regular part of your life and reap its many benefits as it restores your reservoirs of good health.

Ingredients Sourced

From Sustainable Farms

Since the beginning, we’ve traveled the world to source herbs from the regions where they are most potent and have cultivated direct-trade relationships with local farmers. We’ve found that this has a positive impact on small to midsize farmers who otherwise might not be able to sustain themselves economically the way they have for decades. At Goldthread, we’re proud to operate in a way that makes the most sustained & positive impact on the growers and producers of these plants.


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United States United States

The most delicious drink I’ve ever had.

Enjoli D.

Super great! I’m obsessed with the honey rose tonic! It actually helps with my rosacea. If I feel like a flare up is coming, I drink some and it stops it. Love it!

Tamara B.

I really love these herbal tonics... they are so refreshing and light

United States United States
I crave this stuff!

It is so delicious and a go to anytime I see it in stock. So good. Kind of honey, rooibos, vanilla vibes. Love this stuff.

Joyce K.
yummy and energizing

excellent, tasty and clean

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