Improves digestion
Awakens & energizes the body
Boosts immunity

This bold elixir is inspired by one of the most versatile health enhancing herbs in the universe, ginger, but not just any ginger. This grows in the rich, sun drenched volcanic soil of Hawaii! Combined with juicy tangerine, silky jasmine, luscious vanilla, and an assortment of zesty spices, Hawaiian Ginger is like surfing a sweet wave of liquid life force on a sunny day.

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The Ayurvedic classical texts refer to ginger as vishwabhesaj, “the universal great medicine”, due to the wide spectrum of beneficial effects that make it ideal for inclusion into our daily routine. It is revered for its role in grassroots medicine by diverse cultures around the world and combines very well with many foods in “kitchen medicine”. There is a saying in Traditional Chinese medicine that states, “When Qi (or life energy) does not flow properly, disease and dysfunction will result”. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, warmth is a quality that can increase and enhance the flow of life energy. Ginger root contains a wide assortment of pungent, aromatic molecules that infuse the body with the energizing heat of tropical sunshine. Delicious, organic ginger, sourced from Hawaii, is a particularly potent treasure both in taste and effect. Herbs grown in pristine environments absorb the pure energy and healthy elements found in these special places. Along with ginger, is an assortment of complimentary herbs and spices that supercharge the taste and splendor of the formula, including: tangerine peel, jasmine flowers, lemongrass, and vanilla. Imagine electricity, flowing through circuits, creating the glow of a light bulb: this formula activates the vital force within our body so that we may experience the radiance of health.


Hawaiian Ginger Root

Tangerine Peel

Jasmine Flower

Coriander Seeds


Madagascar Vanilla


Improves digestion

Awakens & energizes the body

Boosts immunity

Hawaiian Ginger is a delicious and appetizing elixir to drink before or after meals, to help get our body’s natural processes going. It is perfect first thing in the morning to get us warm and awake after a long night of rest. According to Traditional herbalism, fresh ginger is counted among a special class of herbs that is beneficial for most every constitutional type. Therefore; it can be consumed daily in appropriate amounts.

Ingredients Sourced

From Sustainable Farms

Since the beginning, we’ve traveled the world to source herbs from the regions where they are most potent and have cultivated direct-trade relationships with local farmers. We’ve found that this has a positive impact on small to midsize farmers who otherwise might not be able to sustain themselves economically the way they have for decades. At Goldthread, we’re proud to operate in a way that makes the most sustained & positive impact on the growers and producers of these plants.


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United States United States

Love this tonic !!!

I enjoy the flavor of this tonic and how I feel after I drink it . I drink this once a week and I notice the difference with my digestion.

Jena R.
United States United States

Snappy and Sweet

Goldthread Hawaiian Ginger is snappy, sweet, and a ginger that will not melt into the background. The tonic is bold, but not overpowering; spicy, but deliciously done. It shows ginger at its best and your tummy will be begging for it daily.

Sarah .
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Burn baby burn

I love that the ginger is Hawaiian. It burns just as much as I want, settles my stomach, and makes me feel energized.

Bridget C.
United States United States

Hands down favorite

C'mon....Hawaiian ginger, tangerine, vanilla, jasmine? Enough said. Game over. Winning combination. Blessed on its own and mixes well with everyone.

Billie R.
United States United States


I was hesitant with this drink. I am not usually a ginger fan but in search of a healthy beverage that could provide gut health. This drink was amazing! It had hints of pineapple and was absolutely refreshing. I finally found a beverage that I can drink to help ease digestion and not gag afterwards. In one chilled beverage, my mind slips away on a Hawaiian vacation while my body receives the nutrients that it needs to run at it's healthiest performance. This is definitely one drink I enjoy every sip of.