Green Minerals

Green Minerals


Essential nourishment for hair, skin, nails and bones
Enhances vitality and energy
Good source of vitamins and minerals

According to Taoist philosophy, Qi is the life force circulating through all things. Experience it in the vibrant green of nutrient-dense plants that are the foundation of this deeply sustaining blend. This infusion of earthen minerals and trace elements is easy to assimilate and formulated to invigorate. When you’re feeling depleted, drink it up and fill your body with the uplifting phosphorescent glow of a mountain meadow in springtime.

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Green Minerals is the expression of the Ayurvedic principle of Rasa, the vital essence in our food extracted through the process of digestion. Rasa is the material foundation for the creation of life force energy known as “qi” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi is absorbed through the air we breathe and the nutrients in our diet, and circulates throughout the body, activating all life processes. The herbs in this tonic have long been used in traditional grassroots herbalism because they contain compounds necessary for optimal functioning and development of all physiological processes. This foundation of this formula is based on nettles and oats, both highly nourishing greens. Combined with other well-known herbs, such as horsetail, red clover and alfalfa, used to fill in the broad micro-nutrient profile. All of these green minerals herbs are among the first of the spring greens available to cleanse and renew our systems. The bio-availability of their nutrients is enhanced through this liquid preparation, which requires less energy for digestion.


herbs nettle leaf

Nettle Leaf

herbs oat straw

Oat Straw


Alfalfa Leaf


Horsetail Leaf

red clover

Red Clover Blossom

herbs raspberry

Raspberry Leaf

herbs rose hips

Rose Hips

herb  0005 lemongrass


herbs linden flower

Linden Leaf & Flower

Chlorophyll DropShadow



Essential nourishment for hair, skin, nails and bones

Enhances vitality and energy

Good source of vitamins and minerals

Drink Green Minerals as part of your daily health practice. Stress and fast living accelerate depletion of nutrient reserves, similar to the way a high- revving engine burns up vital fluids. This leads to an imbalance in the body chemistry, creating an overly acidic, pro-inflammatory environment. The concentrated nutrients and phytochemicals in this formula supplement the body’s reserves and increase the removal of unwanted wastes. It invigorates the tissues, enhancing the strength, resiliency and sheen of bones, hair, nails, teeth and skin. Drinking Green Minerals as part of a daily health practice promotes a cool, well-lubricated system and neutralizes some of the effects of a turbulent modern lifestyle. It’s perfect when you’re feeling withered and depleted and provides ongoing maintenance and mild detoxification when consumed regularly.

Ingredients Sourced

From Sustainable Farms

Since the beginning, we’ve traveled the world to source herbs from the regions where they are most potent and have cultivated direct-trade relationships with local farmers. We’ve found that this has a positive impact on small to midsize farmers who otherwise might not be able to sustain themselves economically the way they have for decades. At Goldthread, we’re proud to operate in a way that makes the most sustained & positive impact on the growers and producers of these plants.


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Earl D.
United States United States
Before Green Minerals I was feeling like a genuine helpless bum, now I'm saying "Peas Hold" no more

Before I was drinking my green minerals I was saying at max 10 or 12 words per week. Now that I'm drinking delicious Green Minerals I was able to belt out upwards of 20 words in 3 hours, a new record! Only downsid was clearing out a whole refridgerator of uncooked thanksgiving foods to make room 10/10

Larissa C.
Green Minerals

When feeling on the edge of being worn-down, Green Minerals always rejuvenates. Delicious and quick-acting, I always feel a calm energy after drinking this amazing elixir.

Goldthread Green Minerals Review
Anita N.
Green Minerals

Great drink! My favorite.

Judith M.
Energizing and Healthy

I drink one Green Minerals in the morning and one Turmeric at night and it makes me feel fantastic!

Gyla H.

Its an amazing product that gives you a clean and quick feeling of replenish.

Goldthread Green Minerals Review
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