Glow Pack

Goldthread Glow Pack
Goldthread Glow Pack

Glow Pack

3x Turmeric Radiance / 3x Green Minerals

Our glow is the outer expression of inner radiance, and there is nothing more attractive. Everyone is drawn to our glow because it’s the universal sign of health, strength, and balance. Unfortunately, there are many things that can dull the glow. No matter what our age or circumstance, we all can benefit from plants that support our inner radiance. Excess toxins and sluggish detoxification are a major drag on our glow. Our body is detoxing all day, every day, and we can support that action in a gentle and ongoing way, so we don’t have to overly rely on harsh detox programs. The tropical spices in Turmeric Radiance are the perfect dose of anti-oxidants and circulation enhancers for a gentle daily detox. They clear the clutter and let the sunshine and fresh breeze flow through our system. Certain key vitamins and minerals provide the nourishment responsible for the sheen and luster of our skin, hair, and nails. Green Minerals tonic is an alkalizing dream come true. The rich green plants in this tonic are absolutely packed with the minerals and trace elements that we need to glow. This cool, water infusion of earthy minerals is exceptionally bio-available, meaning we get serious bang for the buck consuming our minerals in this form. Taken together, these two tonics reveal our inner radiance and give us that smile that lights up the world!

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$ 27.50 / 6pack


Green Minerals

According to Taoist philosophy, Qi is the life force circulating through all things. Experience it in the vibrant green of nutrient-dense plants that are the foundation of this deeply sustaining blend. This infusion of earthen minerals and trace elements is easy to assimilate and formulated to invigorate. When you’re feeling depleted, drink it up and fill your body with the uplifting phosphorescent glow of a mountain meadow in springtime.

Turmeric Radiance

According to Ayurvedic tradition, every cell contains Agni, the digestive fire that transforms raw elements into powerful life energy. Carminative spices, saturated with the warmth of the tropical sunshine, contain the power to ignite metabolism. Drinking spices is a Traditional approach to support digestion and catalyze the life force within.


Goldthread Glow Pack
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monica l.
I LOVE them!!

I Love these drinks! I feel amazing after having them! My favorite so far is the Tumeric Radiance... I haven't tried all of them just yet! But I cannot wait to

Larry J.
Quality & Value

Nourishing & tasteful

Bridget S.
Glow pack

I love your So much I give them to a lot of my friends The glow packs were great I had a choose of different kinds

Hamza A.
Excellent product

Excellent product and ingredients. I would recommend these for good health.

Alexandra P.
Would buy again

Gave me energy and a glow !

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