Energy Pack

Goldthread Energy Pack
Goldthread Energy Pack

Energy Pack

3x Japanese Matcha / 3x Berry Power

Exceptional energy is both a short term and long term proposition. We all want access to easy short-term energy when we need it, but oftentimes that comes with a price tag of jitters and crashes. Clean and easy flowing energy is the superpower of Japanese Matcha. The caffeine in the green tea plant is balanced with many other phytonutrients, including Theanine, which moderate and modulate the action of the caffeine in the system. This leads to just the right lift that lasts a nice long time and lets us down gently. While we take advantage of the benefits of Matcha, it’s equally important to dose ourselves generously with adaptogens to build endurance, resilience and long term reserves of energy that we can draw on in times of need. These earthy, nourishing plants are combined into a super potent and delicious tonic called Berry Power. Named after it’s star adaptogen Schisandra Berry, the five flavored berry, this formula was created to strengthen and fortify all the energy systems of the body. Feel it’s effects rapidly when you’re feeling depleted. Multiply the benefits by consuming it over time as a practice, and allow the intelligence of the adaptogen herbs to train your body to use it’s energy more wisely, especially when dealing with stress so that you always have solid energy available when you need it.

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Japanese Matcha

High in the Uji Mountains, Green Tea is shade-grown in ancient terraced fields, then stone-ground to preserve vital compounds and maximize its delicate flavor. Known as “the elixir of immortality” for its profound health-enhancing effects, Matcha is unique among green tea and is prized by Zen monks for its ability to instill a sense of calm, focused energy. Drinking this tonic illuminates the translucent jade Buddha living within.

Berry Power

This strengthening tonic helps you stay balanced in the face of life’s challenges. Constant and dynamic change is the law of the universe, so harness its power and build the fortitude essential to meet your destiny. Tonic herbs invoke the deep-rooted energy of the oak and the flexible resilience of bamboo. Berry Power turns a stressful day into a snorkeling adventure through the kaleidoscopic reef of your own possibility.


Goldthread Energy Pack
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Mary P.
Gold thread tonics

I have tried almost all the flavors and they are all refreshing and delicious. However they are too expensive to buy every month so I shall not be reordering.

Nicole H.
Does what it says but flavor was not for me

The taste of these two flavors just wasn’t for me but I did get energy from both drinks.

Jaime M.
Great Product

I enjoyed the tonic because it tasted great!!

Horse T.
United States United States
Drinking More Plants and Doing It Right

As a chef I support fresh ingredients and nutrition. I’ve learned over the years to hold true flavor and to encourage nutrition with that. These drinks do just that. There’s ones to start your day, keep you going and finish your day. All of which keep you feeling great and a mental clarity. Five stars. Keep up the outstanding work. Cheers.

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