Digestion Pack

PowerPacks ForWeb Digestion
PowerPacks ForWeb Digestion

Digestion Pack

3x Turmeric Radiance / 3x Mint Condition

The state of our digestion has the greatest impact on our health in general. This tonic pack goes right to the fundamentals of good digestion and works to support and enhance this vital function. Breaking down the food we eat, assimilating the nutrients in it, and eliminating what’s leftover is the fundamental process that builds our energy and our health. Making sure this process is powerful, efficient and balanced is the key to real energy and longevity. We want strong digestive fire/ metabolism in the beginning and then the space and cooling action to complete the process. Turmeric Radiance uses the power of warming spices, in a smooth infusion, to stoke the digestive fire and activate metabolism. Mint Condition is the perfect post-meal tonic to cool and complete the digestive process. Five kinds of Mediterranean mint, used for centuries in the cultures renowned for their quality of life and enviable longevity, diffuse their cool essential oils throughout the digestive tract to create the space for proper assimilation and elimination. Taken before and after a meal, they support the optimal digestion we all need.

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Turmeric Radiance

According to Ayurvedic tradition, every cell contains Agni, the digestive fire that transforms raw elements into powerful life energy. Carminative spices, saturated with the warmth of the tropical sunshine, contain the power to ignite metabolism. Drinking spices is a Traditional approach to support digestion and catalyze the life force within.

Mint Condition

From Sun drenched, aromatic mountains, surrounded by aqua blue seas comes this cool, crisp and refreshing tonic. This Mintaculor blend enhances digestion, assimilation, relaxes the nerves, and helps you glide into the flow of life. Drinking aromatic plants is one of the great secrets of Mediterranean people, famous for their vibrant health, and enviable longevity. Drinking this tonic makes you feel like sunlight glistening on an icicle.


PowerPacks ForWeb Digestion
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Great stuff !

Delicious herbal tonic.

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