Chill Pack

PowerPacks ForWeb Chill
PowerPacks ForWeb Chill

Chill Pack

3x Lavender Bliss / 3x Green Minerals

Traditional Medicine tells us a key to optimal health is the right balance between tension and relaxation. Both states are essential, and neither can be overly dominant. This balance is experienced as the feeling of ease and wellbeing. Qi is the flow of the life force that gives us energy and relaxation. In Traditional Medicine terms, a very common cause of impaired energy and relaxation is stagnation. When stress or over-thinking or lack of movement get the better of us, we may think we’re exhausted, but we often have a hard time resting or relaxing our way out of it. We know this feeling as ‘wired and tired’, and it’s an all too common condition these days. This combination of tonics will create the conditions for real restorative relaxation. The floral formula in Lavender Bliss is designed to gently restore the rhythm to our Qi so that it flows smoothly and evenly through our bodies and over the course of our day. The lovely fragrance of the plants in this formula creates space in our center and eases the tension that tends to gather there. This way we breathe easier and accumulate less tension over time so that we can rest when we want to. The florals are complimented perfectly by the grounding minerals and trace elements in the Green Minerals tonic that calm and soothe our nerves. The relationship between minerals and the ability to get restorative rest is well documented. This formula is uniquely bio-available to us, bringing these much-needed nutrients deep into our bodies where they are most beneficial. These tonics together bring the soft strength of a meadow in Spring to soothe our systems and enable us to experience real relaxation.

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Green Minerals

According to Taoist philosophy, Qi is the life force circulating through all things. Experience it in the vibrant green of nutrient-dense plants that are the foundation of this deeply sustaining blend. This infusion of earthen minerals and trace elements is easy to assimilate and formulated to invigorate. When you’re feeling depleted, drink it up and fill your body with the uplifting phosphorescent glow of a mountain meadow in springtime.

Lavender Bliss

This elegant elixir drenches the senses with the sweet floral breezes, bright dazzling colors, and easy going vibes of Southern France. Five kinds of flowers including Linden, Lavender, and Saffron, attentively gathered at the peak of perfection will gently escort you into a new and improved dimension of chill. Love yourself, drink and Bliss.


PowerPacks ForWeb Chill
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