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Connecting Plants & People

Our plant-powered bungalow in the heart of Santa Monica, California serves as a brand activation space that connects plants and people.
Since establishing roots in Santa Monica, William and Goldthread host a variety of plant-powered events every month; Kava Ceremonies, plant-based dinners, workshops, likeminded brand collaborations and of course our signature Plantventure Experience.

The Plantventure Experience began as a series of adventures around the world to uncover the most potent medicinal plants direct from their origins grown by the people who understand them best. Along the way William gathered botanical treasures, seven varieties of Frankincense from Africa, Ginseng wine from Korea, the most fragrant rose oil from Bulgaria and the finest manuka honey from NZ to name a few.

For much of the world, medicinal plants are cornerstones of daily life, used in diet, healthcare and in powerful rituals to achieve enviable health and longevity. The power of these plants is multiplied many times over when they are shared in a group and used as a basis for gathering, and that is the heart of the Plantventure Experience. Through a unique sensory saturation method, William shares his collection of plant remedies adapted into special- brewed tonics, tinctures, hydrosols, resins, essential oils, whole herbs, and more to take you on an adventure fueled by the most powerful plants of the world.

We’ve cultivated a plant-centric community where people from all different backgrounds come together to learn about the power of plants but also connect to each other, themselves, and have a good time.


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“Bill is not only a very knowledgeable herbalist, but he is also a gifted healer in search of healing plants and the people who know them best…highest recommendation!”

- Mark Plotkin, Ph.D., ethnobotanist and President, Amazon Conservation Team

“These Plantventures are something all their own and will blow your mind open in the best possible way.”

- Leah Schiros, Sakara Life

“One seldom meets a plant lover with more enthusiasm and childlike joy than William. Combined that with his deep sage-infused wisdom, and you really have a master. William is a great teacher, practitioner, and ambassador for the plants. And he’s such a visionary; it’s always fun to see what he’ll come up with next!”

- Rosemary Gladstar, Renowned Herbalist and Author

“Bill had totally changed how I view plants, herbs, and what goes into my body. He’s super down to earth and speaks in a way that I can easily digest. I can honestly say my life is better after doing a Plantventure Experience and getting to know Bill!”

- Tamar Levine, Photographer + Director

Interested in the Plantventure Experience?

Drop us line at  info@plantventureproject.com to learn more and discuss collaboration opportunities.