Goldthread is a plant-based tonic company founded by clinical herbalist and L.AC William Siff and his wife, Edith Siff, to empower people to drink more plants. Think super herbs, adaptogens, and spices like ginger, matcha, schisandra, turmeric, nettles, and tulsi leaf. We travel the world to source herbs from the regions where they are most potent and cultivate direct-trade relationships with local farmers. Our system of ten innovative and health-enhancing formulations are handcrafted and microbrewed to create a highly functional and refreshing drink!



We began as Goldthread Apothecary and Herb Farm, growing over 100 varieties of medicinal plants and distilling essential oils that were incorporated into a grassroots healthcare product line sold at our herbal pharmacy. William Siff, a licensed acupuncturist, clinical herbalist, and life-long ethnobotanical adventurer, has practiced natural health and wellness techniques for nearly 20 years. He created this organization to offer a local, plant-based healthcare alternative at the community level.

Farm to Pharmacy

Our Farm to Pharmacy program offered a unique hands-on style to train students from around the country in the Goldthread model of plant-based healthcare. The 7 month program spanned from seed to patient, with students learning the fundamentals of medicinal plant cultivation, formulation, application, as well as the philosophical and practical basis for using plants as medicine. Farm to Pharmacy students have gone on to create their own local, plant-based healthcare models in various regions all around the country.

The Evolution

The desire to share our experience of the miraculous power of plants to optimize health with as many people as possible led to the evolution of Goldthread and the launch of our category-defining plant based tonics. Our unique and proven formulations are now available in a collection of delicious and nourishing tonics that are designed to initiate a wider audience into the world of botanicals for health. This direction allows us to support and collaborate directly with those involved in herb cultivation and stewardship from around the world.


Our philosophy on impact and sustainability is simple. We operate in a way that makes the most sustained, positive impact on the growers, producers and guardians of medicinal plants and traditional plant wisdom around the world.

Why We Do This Work

Health does not occur in isolation. It is made up of everything, including our lifestyle choices, socio‐economic structures, ecological footprint, familial and relationship patterns and actualization of meaning and purpose.

Plant-based healing practices arose out of cultures and societies living within nature, maintaining a recognition that we live in a closed system, based upon the truth of interconnection. With this realization, we are tasked with deeply considering every aspect of how we conduct business.


Our approach to this very meaningful task is to engage in a transparent process of achieving a few critical things.

  • We work to establish direct relationships with the growers by creating strong partnerships and agreements that maximize the quality of the herbs, prosperity for the farmers and long term sustainability.

  • We support individuals and organizations involved in the preservation and proliferation of plant based medicine around the world.

  • We are committed to evolving the way we produce, package and ship our products. We strive to have the least environmental impact, and to support programs and initiatives that offset the carbon footprint that we do create.